What can I do on the app?

  • View draws, results and standings for all competitions - tap on the Fixtures button.
  • View Team Lists - tap the Fixtures button and then tap on the team you wish to see.
  • View live scoring - during game time, tap the Results button, and watch the scores update live while the game is being played.
  • More features added all the time!

​​​​​​​How do I get the app?  

It's available now in the App Store and Google Play

Do I need a login?  

​​​​​​​No, the only people who need logins are those scoring the games and selecting the teams.


Our app has an "Officials" section that lets Team Officials:

  • Create Team Sheets - powered by TeamBuilder to select players
  • Score games live courtside
  • Submit results 
  • Results from all games live-stream on App and websites

​​​​​​​Why have we moved to an App?

  • To improve the experience of volunteers, administrators and supporters of community netball
  • Submission of results and team sheets/match reports has historically been paper based and labour intensive for the control room.
  • This allows us to get results out quickly and accurately, providing timely updates to the standing table. 

Training and Support

We will be undertaking Training for Clubs & Schools shortly.  

On this page you'll find Quick-start Videos and User Guides.

The Admin User Guide covers set up in Team Builder and allocation of Logins and is for the School Sports Coordinator or Club Administrator.

The Team Officials User Guide is for anybody who will submit a team or score a game.  This might be a coach, manager, captain or parent.

If your club/school has App set-up questions after reading these documents, please contact us.

How to log in

How to select a team

How to score a game