Spring League

​​​​​​Games will be played on:

1. Monday nights in Stratford at King Edward Park Netball Courts starting 9th October; (Grade: Mixed)

2. Tuesday nights in New Plymouth at Waiwhakaiho Park Netball Courts starting 10th October; (Grade/s: Mixed/Men's combined, Women's)

3. Wednesday nights in Hāwera at TSB Hub Outdoor Courts starting 11th October; (Grade: Mixed)

Registrations close 22nd September 2023 - please note there must be at least 6 teams per grade for each competition to go ahead otherwise some teams may need to travel (e.g. Hāwera to Stratford). 

Spring League will run for up to 10 weeks.  

Please note:  Games that fall on a Monday public holiday (Labour Day) will be scheduled to be played the day immediately following the public holiday, Tuesday.

COST - $300 per team 
Payments can be made by Credit Card and will show on your bank statement as 'Debit Success', not 'Netball Taranaki'. Transaction fees apply. If you would prefer an invoice, transaction/admin fees will still apply.

If you have a query about your payment, please email Finance

How to enter a team:

Please enter each team using this Team Entry Form

  • Within two business days following registration, you will be sent a link to register your players, coach, manager and registered umpire.  
  • Once you recieve your link, here is some information to help navigate the Sporty platform (e.g. how to log in, add/remove players etc): Click Here
  • If you have red exclamation marks showing up in the last column this article will help: Click Here
  • PLEASE NOTE: Both, teams AND players need to be registered BEFORE entries close.

If you are an individual interested in playing netball, please email Games and we can reach out to teams on your behalf to help get you involved this season. 


  • All teams MUST use a 'REGISTERED UMPIRE' for each of their games.
    To become a 'registered umpire' you must:
  1. Pass the Netball NZ Learning to Umpire Module (replaced online Centre Theory test). 
    CLICK HERE for instruction on how to access and navigate the Learning to Umpire Module.
    CLICK HERE to access the Learning to Umpire Module
  2. Attend a Good Call Rules class (face to face) 

STRATFORD - TET Meeting Room

  • Monday 25th September, 6pm - 7:30pm

NEW PLYMOUTH - Waiwhakaiho Netball Courts (in the Brick Pavilion Building)

  • Tuesday 26th September, 6pm - 7:30pm

STRATFORD - TET Meeting Room

  • Monday 2nd October, 6pm - 7:30pm

NEW PLYMOUTH - Waiwhakaiho Netball Courts (in the Brick Pavilion Building)

  • Tuesday 3rd October, 6pm - 7:30pm


For more information regarding Good Call Rules workshops - please email ndc@netballtaranaki.org.nz 


FORMAT - Games will be 4 x 10 minute quarters; intervals will be 2-2-2 minutes. Rounds may be played at 6:00pm and 6.50pm. Game times are subject to change.

Points awarded as follows:

3 points for a win

2 points for a draw

1 point for a loss when the losing score is within 3 goals or less

0 points for a loss of 4 points or more

MIXED GRADE - Mixed competitions allow for minimum of one (1) male and up to a maximum of three (3) males on the court and are only permitted in the following positions at any one time (except for the NPL combined Mixed/Men's grade where there is no limit on male players);

  One (1) male in GS or GA plus
              One (1) male in WA, C or WD plus
              One (1) male in GD or GK

UNIFORMS - Teams must be ‘uniform’ in appearance.  Shorts/bike pants/netball skirts (any of these acceptable) but all in the same colours.  Teams must provide their own bibs and match ball.

DEFAULTS - Teams MUST submit an online Default Notification form. See form for Default notification timeframes and applicable fees.

CANCELLATIONS - The Satellite Controller is responsible for cancelling/postponing competition games and advising Netball Taranaki. Teams to be advised via the Netball Taranaki website and Facebook page as early as possible.
a) If games are cancelled due to bad weather or court conditions, they may be rescheduled if possible. In the event of deteriorating weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances developing during play, the Satellite Controller shall make any decisions required.

UMPIRES - Each team MUST supply a REGISTERED umpire and scorer for each game. Failure to supply a REGISTERED umpire will result in 1 player being removed from the court to umpire and that team plays a player short for the duration of the game.  This player may not be replaced as an umpire and take the court. Players cannot interchange umpiring and playing.  Failure to follow this rule will result in winning points being forfeited. 

REGISTERED PLAYERS - Players may only register for one team within the same grade.

Any new players must be registered by 1.00pm each game day to ensure they can be loaded to the system and are available for selection in the game day app.  New Registrations after this on each game day will be deemed unregistered until the following week.

Teams may have unlimited registrations but may only select up to 12 players for each game.

If teams play unregistered players, your game will result in forfeiture of competition points.

We will be using Live Scoring via the Netball Taranaki App to submit team lists and to score the games.

Team contacts must submit a final team list of up to 12 players to participate in each game, prior to the start of the game. 
Failure to submit a team list in the app BEFORE your game will result in forfeiture of competition points.

Each team must supply one scorer, who will keep score using the scoring app. These designated persons stand in line with the centre circle together on the side line of the court. The scored must be agreed upon BEFORE submitting. Any discrepancies must be taken to the Satellite Controller on the day. 
Your scorer code can be found at the bottom of the Team Builder box where your players are registered OR you can collect the scorer code at the Tower prior to your first game.
BEFORE submitting the final scoring result, please enter YOUR UMPIRE’S FULL NAME in the comment box.

Failure to supply a scorer means your team must accept the score as presented by the opposing team.  If neither team provides a scorer, no competition points will be awarded to either team.

RULES - Governing of the game and conduct will be those applied by Netball Taranaki and Netball New Zealand. 

Draws and Results