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    Volunteering Make a Difference

    ​​​​​​​What do Netball Volunteers do?

    Many volunteers coach, manage or umpire for a club or school team. Other volunteers are involved in running our sport by working in administrative or governance roles; others are involved in specific projects or helping out with one off events or tournaments.

    Why should I get involved?

    Not only will you make a valuable contribution to the local community in which you live in but you will gain valuable career and personal skills. Not to mention making friendships that can last a lifetime.

    How much will volunteering cost me?

    Usually nothing. As often as is possible your local club will pay your out of pocket expenses. In addition when funds allow they will pay for coach or umpire training.

    Do I have to be good at sport or have played Netball?

    No, often only a basic level of knowledge of the game is needed and we'll help you get up to speed with the game if you want to be an administrator or coach, manage or umpire a team. Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, good at communicating and enjoy working in a team.

    Make new friends

    Netball volunteers are by and large a friendly bunch and there's no better place to make new friends than working alongside like-minded people. Often our volunteers end up staying in touch long after they stop volunteering with us.

    Have fun

    One of the most surprising outcomes for many of our volunteers is how much fun they have helping others to succeed. Not every volunteer's experience is the same, but when you find a role that suits your interests you have a good chance of having fun while giving the gift of your time.

    Get that glowing feeling

    No one likes to talk about it but one of the fundamental needs we have as human beings is to make a contribution. Volunteering for Netball gives you an opportunity to do just that and to get that glowing feeling that comes when you share your experience and skills and know that your efforts have made a real difference.

    Contact a local club or school or Netball Taranaki for more information.