Umpiring in Te Reo

Netball Taranaki brought in new initiatives in 2020 and we are still proud to have bilingual officiating in Netball with the inclusion of Te Reo Maori ​​​​​​​in 2023


Umpire will blow their whistle, State the infringement in English followed by Te Reo Maori.

Here are a few examples to show you how:

Contact - Pā Tinana


Footwork - Hīkoi

Incorrect Play/Replayed Ball - Hopurua

Penalty Shot  - Kuru Hāmene  

Offside  - Tūhapa

Held Ball - Mau te Pōro

Obstruction - Hōtaetae

Advantage - Tukunga 

Throw In  - Makaa Paetaha 

Free Pass - Whiu  Whiwhi 


Breaking - Manawa Rere

Short Pass - Whiu Poto

Hold Time  - Wā Whakataruna 

Penalty Pass  - Whiu Hāmene  

Netball positions in Te Reo Maori