Woolworths futureFERNS staff 2023

We have a NEW sponsor!! Welcome to the Netball Team, Woolworths New Zealand. 

More information of the partnership can be found here

Woolworths futureFERNS offers four different year groups for our junior Netball programme.

Woolworths futureFERNS progresses players though modified formats of Netball that recognises their stage of physical and mental development. The aim is not only to grow their Netball abilities but also to help with their overall physical literacy which includes confidence, motivation, knowledge and understanding and physical competence.​​​​​​​

For more information on the woolworths futureFERNS programme including warm ups, skills, activities, games and more. Please click on the coaching portal button on the left. 

Player Pathway  
Designed to visiually show you the pathway from the futureFERN Programme into 7-Aside 

Introduces Netball to 5-6 year olds. The aim is to develop fundamental movement and basic Netball skills. Playing 4 v 4 allows the players to pass, catch and shoot from day one.

Year 3 & 4 is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation and touches of the ball. With modified equipment and less players on the court, in 5 v 5 the game is less complicated.

The 6 v 6 game is fast and provides players with lots of touches on the ball to enhance skill development and enjoyment. With only three positions on court it means the game is less complicated for children and easier for coaches to ensure the players learn the skills relevant to all and to provide them with equal opportunities.

Players have developed a considerable understanding of the game and are now playing 7 v 7. The emphasis is on converting fundamental movement and basic Netball skills to foundation Netball skills. Performance, challenge and playing are key motives for this age group. Ensuring positional rotation and playing at least half a game will give each player the opportunity to participate and develop.